Who We Are

Northview is a collection of individuals from different backgrounds and walks of life, but we are all united in the blood of Christ. We're not perfect! But, we love each other deeply and we want to partner with God in transforming our community into a place that is a little bit more like the Kingdom of Heaven. Even though we make mistakes daily, we know that God is at work in His people throughout the world and we want to be a part of what He is doing! If that sounds appealing to you, we hope that you'll partner with us as we partner with God!

To Transform the world, Northview will be Spirit-led and joyfully engaged in God's Kingdom with love, praise, and service.

Core Values

Divine Direction

We seek to be a people who are led by God in every facet of life. With this in mind, we will seek God’s direction in every decision we make. We will pursue his guidance through scripture and prayer as we are led by his Spirit.


We desire for everyone at Northview to have a life that goes much deeper than mere church attendance and general participation. Discipleship requires daily devotion to living a Christlike life. Because of this, we seek to create spaces in which everyone at Northview can grow in their walk with Christ, in relationship with one another, and in helping others become disciples.


Northview is a church with a future focus. We value the future of the church, the future of our communities, and our impact on the world. Because of this, we will invest time and resources in impacting future generations for Jesus, both here and abroad.


Following Jesus requires action. We seek to be a church on the move, a church with a pulse. Because of this value, we will constantly be looking for opportunities to put our faith into action as we love and serve Jesus and the world.


We know that the story of God’s creation ends with the restoration of all things, and we live in anticipation of that day. Because of this belief, we seek to partner with God as we share justice, mercy, and love in order to make whole that which has been broken throughout the world.